A robust design bending machine that is precision engineered to attain high reliability for consistently accurate bending results. With addition of 320 tons Press Brake machine, bending 12mm thick Mild Steel in 4 metre length is at ease.
Gantry type Machining Center for nesting operations, recommended to work on composite material. For mass production of details and panelling of big dimensions, where is requested a good construction quality and performance.
Practically able to cut all kinds of profile that leaves an impressive cutting edge and precise accuracy.
Punch perforation onto sheets, achieve high efficiency in fabrication of Aluminium Cladding and answer to the demands of high productivity and reliable operations.
Require in sheet metal fabrication that able to bend all kinds of profile in a much easier way that place in line with the advance technology of CNC Turret and Laser.
V-cut groove line for sharp corner edge after bend. Use for Aluminium Composite fabrication.
Cutting of standard length automatically once processing is done and leave operations easy to handle and manage.
Punch holes on Plates, Angle, Brackets, 'C' Channel, 'I' Beam etc.
Use for stub welding using Nelson Stud that are mainly use for cast-in embeds.
Tthe most economical way of processing sheets to exact size.
Roll section of 'I' Beam, 'C' Channel, Angle, Hollow Section to curvature.
NC rolling machine that provide additional stability and accuracy when roll sheet to curvature.
Provides continuous, uninterrupted processing, delivering more value productivity for punching applications. A system that design to autoload/unload material that integrates with the punching.
Directed to v-groove cutting process for enhancing a quality and productivity of a bending work before a bending process of stainless steel, aluminium are performed.
Tilting and pivoting of both saw heads allows cutting of high and wide profiles. The ability to cut compound mitres.
This measurement device uses a laser to monitor the angle in real time during the bending process, producing accurate bending results from the first piece. Such device reduces the time to measure and provide consistent results.
A high definition plasma cutting machine that cuts thick and heavy Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel plates.
Robots allow us to produce more with consistency in process and quality in tight commitment. The product quality is maintained at tight tolerances to give assurance to our valuable customer.
CNC plate punching line for thick plates and can drill different types of holes with multiple number of holes in a simple process. Especially for cast-in-plates and embeds.